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Sex is a healthy part of a relationship – real talk. Once you find the person you want to let into your life, certain situations need taking care of, AKA contraception. There are 15 major forms of contraception available to women and not all of them are suitable. Some are clumsy, others are invasive, and there are those that aren’t appropriate in the moment. Then, there is your health to take into account. If the search hasn’t been fruitful in the past, this post is designed to help.

Ladies, here’s what to take into consideration the next time you meet that special someone.


There’s a reason women go to the trouble of finding contraception, and it’s to prevent pregnancy. Babies are amazing yet they’re not everyone’s bag in the short-term. It’s one way to put pressure on a relationship! So, efficacy is the main thing to consider, or else it’s pointless using contraception in the first place. The good news is the majority of options are over 90% effective, from the pill to condoms to an implant. In fact, those previously mentioned are 95% to 99% effective, which is comforting.


When the moment grabs you, you don’t want to rush to the bathroom and rummage around for your contraception. Talk about extinguishing the flame that is romance! Therefore, another factor has to be accessibility and women have to be on their P’s & Q’s because men are lazy. It’s one of the reasons IUD contraception is more popular than ever now. However, men aren’t always to blame and the fact is that an IUD is one less thing to worry about because it lasts for ten years. Of course, there are other options such as the pill and an implant. Even condoms are fine if there is one to hand.


One thing that puts women off an IUD is the invasiveness. It has to be inserted and it involves a doctor, a medical professional who may not be a woman. The same applies if you want it removed, too. If the process is too cringe, it’s best to pick another method that fits the above criteria and that isn’t overly invasive. Again, the pill rears its head because it’s a tablet you only have to swallow. But, it isn’t very easy for some women so an implant may be more appropriate.


Certain methods of contraception play with female hormones and induce mood swings and a general down in the dumps nature. Any woman who has used the pill understands how difficult it can be when there is a tablet playing with your body. When it becomes too much, it’s time for a change as there are plenty more to try. An IUD, for example, isn’t a hormonal form of contraception and won’t mess with your head. Still, it has side-effects, including cramps.

Hopefully, this post has helped you to decide which form of contraception is best. And, once you know, why don’t you leave a comment in the comment section?

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