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Gallery Wall

One of the things I knew I really wanted to do when I bought my flat was to create a gallery wall in my living room. I have lovely high ceilings and white walls which lend themselves really well to having a 'busy' looking wall!

I thought I would share my insights incase anyone was also thinking about making one as it's so fun and looks really effective!


I'd say something needs to tie all your pieces together. Whether that's a majority colour within the pictures or the frame colour or style. I built mine around my initial purchases and the colour theme I knew I wanted for the room which was greens, mustard, gold, grey, black and white.

First purchase was my Ben Sedman Manchester Bee. I love it so much! I then got the Manchester Skyline Image and the  'Drink More Gin' Poster.


Once I had my main theming of the wall I set about curating a few pieces that would be the main focus. I purchased my 'Gin O'Clock' Hand Drawn Poster from Etsy and also used Desenio for my Green Marble/Gold Leaf Poster. Both places are excellent for quirky drawings, paintings and scenic prints! You can get instant download on the majority of Etsy images and then you can source your own frames which can often be alot cheaper.

That said, if you just want something quick and easy where you know the frames will fit then Desenio is perfect as you can buy an image with the corresponding frame rather than having to measure up yourself!


Most places will tell you to lay everything on the floor and take a picture and/or measure up or you can even buy a wall transfer from Ikea! I didn't do that and mine looks fine.

There is maybe one photo that is a bit close to the others and when I get my redecorating done then I will correct it but for now I don't think it's a big deal! For me, the beauty of a gallery wall is the mish mash of frames, prints photos etc and for it to be perfectly imperfect so I wouldn't worry too much about positioning at all!


Like I said, if you can be bothered, you can cut costs on frames by buying them from Amazon or eBay if you just measure up what you want to frame. I've been able to get similar frames in all different sizes and colours which has helped the wall look pulled together. I loved the green, white black and gold being my theme and I have a mix and match of ornate and plain frames in those colours.

Desenio is fab though if you want to buy posters and easily buy a frame you know it will fit in and there are a few colour options available too.


One thing about iPhones is no one seems to get photos developed anymore! I still have my digital camera and love snapping pics then getting them developed. I use Photobox as a cheap online printing service as you can upload the photos and have them developed really cheaply, those that don't make it on the walls do end up eventually being put in albums!

We had photo albums of when my parents, family and friends were younger and I still love looking through them so I definitely want to be able to continue to flick through something as I get older!

Another cool app to use if you are all about the 'Gram is LALALAB. You can have a posted printed with some of your fave insta-shots and the effects are gorgeous. I want to make a couple of these with some of my most loved images!

So that's all on my tips - it is not too difficult to do but a fantastic way of injecting life into a plain room. This can also be done in rented homes if you use command strips which don't damage the walls.

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