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I don't know whether it's a case of I have wayyyy to much time on my hands but I am OBSESSED with Pinterest!

There. I said it.

I have a business account which means I get to see data and analytics of my account and pins. This means I can see when pins or boards are doing well and it gives me a great insight into what I should concentrate on and ideas for my Blog too. Knowledge is power and all that!

I think I really started getting into Pinterest when I was feeling in a style rut - you will see my style inspiration board has the vast majority of pins and then I have taken it from there. I've tried to keep things simple with 4 boards and some that have sections to keep everything in order.

I've seen my unique monthly views climb dramatically and who knew that so many people would love camel coats and leather pants as much as me? 😂 I am really enjoying looking through fashion pins, a lot of what I see has definitely made me rethink my ALL black outfits and try and introduce more colour and variety into my wardrobe.

I have also used Pinterest a lot when deciding on colour themes and decor in my flat - it's also great to take inspiration of things you can do in smaller spaces - my bathroom is high up on the list of work that I want doing and whilst it is a simple enough shape it's been useful to see what can be possible to make the most use of the space!

If you have a website or eCommerce shop/platform, Pinterest can be amazing to drive traffic your way! You can use tools such as IFTTT to ensure your content is automatically posted to Pinterest and linked back to your site. Pinterest is basically a search engine so should be approached that way - use relevant search words to direct users to your pins and re-pin on a regular basis.

I'd love to say I have some sort of strategy with my pinning but I just generally like looking at pretty pictures and sharing them! If you want to check out my board then give me a follow on

How do you use Pinterest? Do you use it?

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