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Anyone else guilty of their bedside table becoming a bit of a dumping ground for lots of odds and ends..?

I definitely am.

Having *some* useful things close to your bed means that you can embed routines when heading off to sleep... however I think mine is probably past that point.

The issue is that my current bedside table was an emergency purchase, not fit for purpose as it was a quick buy when I moved into my flat. It was an Amazon cheap number that I sadly made an error with during it's construction and the drawer doesn't actually close. Whoops.

I am on the hunt for a new one once my room is fully decorated and have spied a few beautiful bedsides from Furniture Village.

You will see from my photos that beauty products seem to be in abundance on my bedside table and this is because I don't currently have a dressing table so everything is housed next to my bed!

If I had the correct setup.. this is what items I would ensure are at my fingertips...


I do like to apply a variety of lotions and potions before bed, my moisturiser, hand cream, cuticle oil, Revitalash and lip balm. It's a good way of ensuring I remember to do it!

The makeup brushes, tweezers and nail files could all be housed elsewhere as they are unnecessary clutter - the same goes for the various nail polishes!


You will probably be questioning the Christmas Dog decoration.. but it bears an uncanny resemblance to a rather special fluffy friend you will also see pictured who sadly went to sleep last year. It probably looks like a bit of a shrine but I don't care!

I do think some sentimental items around your relaxation space are key. They can remind you of your loved ones or special memories!


I keep some scented oils in my bedside table for when I really need to hit the serious stuff to unwind. My favourites are from This Works or Aromatherapy Associates. A nice candle can also be super relaxing and dimmed lighting!

I also have a couple of books to hand to try and avoid being on my phone all the time.. sometimes it works, sometimes the call of pinterest is just too loud to ignore... 😄


I am a list writer so need to get things down when I remember them or think about them, so for me, having a pad and paper means I can get anything down I need to when I am mulling things over. I find it helps me feel like I have done something with it and can get back to sleep better!

I am also trying to more consistently practice the 'attitude of gratitude' so I keep my gratitude journal by my bed. I haven't nailed doing it every day but I do think out of sight out of mind so I try and keep it in sight!


I drink loads of water and try to avoid that horrible mouth like a desert at ALL COSTS. I always keep a bottle of water by my bed and have become quite the sparkling water connoisseur!

Given how much I deem to be essential, I will definitely need to look at a bedside table that has a number of drawers so the surface can be kept as free as possible. I'd love to have more space to display things that make me feel good such as flowers or a plant but at the moment it is just not possible! 

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  1. Love this post! My bedside table is stacked fill of all sorts! I need a serious clean out! I love the idea of keeping your moisturisers near your bed- mine are half way across my room so it would be so much easier having them next to me!
    Chloe X chloelxuise.com


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