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Since buying my own place and living alone, I’ve been able to ensure my bedroom is the comfortable, relaxing place it should be. Rather than housing the vast majority of my worldly possessions, a TV (so I could watch what I wanted) and sometimes even being a dining room, my room now is my oasis of calm.


I have a gorgeous bed that is a statement piece in itself and I adore it. It was the first piece of furniture I bought myself when I was buying my place and I was like oh hell yes I am buying a king size so I can starfish all the time! The ultimate gift to myself.. :-)


I love how I can make what is quite a plain room look completely different by what bed linen I pick. I personally tend to go for single solid colours with a small amount of detail to keep things simple and fresh. There are so many options available! You can get kingsize quilt covers at discounted prices from the Yorkshire linen website.
I have a few sets on rotation, I’d definitely like to introduce more texture as I think it can make your bed look super luxurious and let’s face it, very inviting! I have a pink, white, grey and gold theme in my room so I’ll definitely broaden my linen collection to mix and match and keep changing up the look of my room.


I sometimes find it really hard to switch off at night, so having a super comfortable bed is really important. I have lots of lotions, potions, scents and candles to use aromatherapy as another way of destressing and chilling out. Not forgetting my beloved linen fresh Zoflora that I use when I do my laundry. Nothing makes me happier than lovely clean smelling fresh bedlinen day!

What colour scheme do you have in your bedroom?

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