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I love a well put together and bold look, but even the simple ones can take a great deal of hard work behind the scenes to pull off successfully. I've pulled together my tips and those of other bloggers that can help you style just about any outfit well. Read on for more.


Now, there is nothing wrong with monotone or neutral coloured outfits. In fact, they can look very chic. However, it is crucial to balance them with just a little pop of colour to avoid looking washed out.

One way you can achieve this is to use a belt in a bold shade to draw the eye to your waist and break up a plain black dress. Alternatively, you may wish to include your colour pops in things such as cardigans or scarves, or even with your shoes.

Although, do be careful of being too matchy-matchy here! Instead, pick a range of shades from the same colour family, so your outfit tells a more dynamic story.


Next, you’ll be pleased to know that there is not an outfit that the right jewellery can lift and enhance. It's all about matching the right piece to what you are wearing.

Anything high necked such as halters or turtlenecks look great with bolder earrings. You can even layer different types of earrings in various places in the ear, like the ones available from helix piercing online, to give you a modern and youthful look.

Casual summer dresses are often enhanced by wearing statement pieces in the form of with bangles or chunky necklace. Although, you do have to be mindful of not overwhelming the pattern your garment is made from.


The say shoe maketh the man, but they are definitely important to us girls as well. In fact, in my opinion, shoes can make or break an outfit both in the way they look and in how comfortable they are to wear. 

Regarding your look, an outfit can always be lifted and made more modern by wearing a shoe that is trending this season. Shoes are also a fantastic way of introducing another colour to your outfit and can help to give you the body shape you want as well.

A word of warning though, there is no point tottering around all day in designer shoes only to suffer agonizing pain. To that end, it is crucial that you pick footwear that is comfortable as well as gorgeous!


A wise man once said that your hair is a hat you never take off! Just think about that for a moment! If you had to wear a hat all day, every day, you would invest in a decent one and make sure it looked good right? Well, the same thing needs to happen with your hair!

What that means is keeping up to date with your cut and color and not being afraid to try something different now and again. In fact, a new hairdo can lift your look effortlessly, if you are brave enough to go for it!

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