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I know I'm most definitely not alone in my love for Mrs Hinch...

She is everything I love about 'influencers' (much as that word is a little annoying) as she showcases what she is passionate about and you naturally feel inspired by her tips and tricks.

Everything is natural in terms of product promotion and she shows how the products work for her with real life examples.


I used to HATE cleaning. It felt overwhelming and the sheer amount of products that claim to do the same thing made shopping for cleaning stuff feel difficult. The morning I discovered Mrs Hinch I watched her videos and decided to go and clean my kitchen, which let me assure you was unheard of previously 😆

Since owning my own home I do feel alot more house proud as I have the authority to change whatever I want, but so many of Mrs Hinch's hacks mean that you can massively improve a rented home. I wish I knew more of them when I was renting my last place! I never had friends round as I was embarrassed of how it was and I'll be honest parts of it were so bad I would just give it a half hearted clean as it never made any difference!


I've now created my very own little Narnia and invested in products that I know make the job much easier, and do you know what, I am happier for it. My home feels lovely and clean, smells fresh (thanks to Linen Fresh Zoflora) and I feel like I have my sh!t together. Cleaning no longer feels like the absolute chore it used to.


I have joined a couple of groups on Facebook and some of the conversations I read are so cute. Women can be so lovely when they find a common interest! I genuinely enjoy scrolling through all the Hinch related posts on Instagram too..

Hinch Haulin'

Just need to find some Lemon Zing Zoflora now and a MINKEH!!!

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