Get Your Holiday Wardrobe Sorted with River Island 💖

After being stranded in Dublin last week in the snow I am getting ready to book a holiday... GET ME TO THAT SUNSHINE BABY!

On a serious note, I was actually stranded in Dublin after Storm Emma hit. I was supposed to leave on Thursday and ended up having to come home on a 12 hour journey, via Belfast, on Saturday instead. I know that doesn't sound very long but when you have packed for a work conference and somehow pick up the lurgy aswell I think I'm allowed to be a little miffed.

Me and my pal Steph are heading to Dubai again once we can find a date that suits us and naturally as soon as there's a sniff of a holiday I immediately hit up the online shopping and consider pieces to purchase for the perfect holiday wardrobe.

I had a Birthday code sent through from River Island which is what prompted this wishlist but actually I see there is 20% off at the moment (on 6th March 2018) when you spend £75 using code SPRING18. CHA-CHING!

I lovvveeee the glamour of Dubai and my suitcase contents usually reflect this - you will see from the above there is a mix of night time dresses and playsuits and then some more casual bits thrown in for good measure!

Special shout out to the yellow cardigan for either travelling or braving the shopping malls as you should cover your shoulders and they can often be freezing with the air con!  

What's on your holiday shopping list?

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