I'm sat listening to a 'New Year's Bangers' Playlist slightly drunk and just wanted to wish everyone reading a wonderful new years eve or day and beyond (if you are reading this post NYE). Here's hoping 2018 is slightly less filled with sad things and more of the kind of stuff we can be proud and happy about. 2017 was a real year of personal highs and worldwide lows which has been a real rollercoaster of emotions!

I don't think people will forget 2017 easily given the atrocities but with the sadness has come the realisation that we are stronger together and people have built eachother up in the most wonderful way despite the circumstances.

Being away on holiday when the Manchester bombing took place was difficult but I have never been more proud to call myself a 'manc'. We will never forget those who lost their lives and how our amazing city fought against those who were determined to bring us down.

On a personal level 2017 was when I bought my first property and I am pretty proud of myself. I plan to continue to challenge myself in 2018 and improve myself and my new home. There's much I want to achieve in my career and there's no reason why 2018 shouldn't be the year I make this happen. I also have blog goals to smash!

I am excited about the things to come and I hope you are too. The sky is the limit!

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