Finding the perfect Christmas Present can be tricky and sometimes the most difficult people to buy for can be those closest to you, especially if they are the type to buy themselves what they need! There is nothing more special than watching someone open something that is really personal and thoughtful, I get so much enjoyment watching my friends and family open gifts that I know they will love.

This October, my sister became a mother for the first time and we are all so excited for the first Christmas with a rather gorgeous little boy being present! I wanted to get some 'new mum' related gifts for my sis and notonthehighstreet was where I knew I'd find the perfect items!

The personalised versions are all wrapped and under the tree so as not to spoil the surprise too much(!) but I wanted to talk about what I picked and why! Rather than advent calendars we have had a festive photo of William every day and his festive wardrobe has been epic! These gorgeous Christmas Pudding Leggings will be one of the last few snaps we get and I couldn't resist them :)

The other two gifts are for my sister, a personalised 'The Day You Became My Mummy' Keyring with a little message from William (such a clever boy!) and a lovely Brushed Copper Frame with one of William's baby pictures in ready for her desk at home or at work! I thought this would be perfect as I think every new Mum gets real guilt pangs when they return to work and I know my sister will need something to remind her why she is back at work and who she is working hard for...

Keep your eyes on my social media and I'll be sure to post a pic of William in his new leggings :)

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