I love watching vlogs and in particular home wares ones at the moment! Current faves are Gabriella's (Velvetgh0st) moving vlogs as I am loving the themes she has gone for! One of her finds was Trouva which I have become quite obsessed with!

This isn't a sponsored post or anything I just really like their stuff 😆

As you can see there are some key themes...

Marvellous Marble

I am SO BLOGGER RN. I love the look of Marble and Trouva has some excellent items, I am enjoying the green marble items very much and I think I may have to feature some in my new pad!

A Whole Lotta Copper

I do have quite a borderline unhealthy obsession with copper atm. But I love how shiny it is and goes so nicely with my planned pink and green colour scheme!!! My kitchen will be full of it and I have copper cutlery already but a copper cafetiere really is an essential.

Pink to Make the Boys Wink

Except there are no boys on the scene. I just love it! I think it can look cool and not too 'princess bedroom' when done right. The pastel pink cushions are the acceptable level of girly without being too twee!

The Green Scene

One thing is for certain, there will be alot of green in my new pad! From plants to green velvets, a nice farrow and ball green hue, I think green can be on trend but also feel cosy too. I actually sound like marketing blurb with that lil poem.

It's definitely worth checking out Trouva for some really unique home pieces! I will definitely be putting an order in once I move in 😍

AND for all you lucky Londoners you can have delivery within an hour!

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