My #ReebokChallenge: The Training

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So as you may know, 4 weeks ago I embarked on a little shake up to my fitness regime and started a case study with Reebok, with an aim to shift some weight before Christmas and look my best for my Christmas Parties in December.

I've changed my diet, amped up my training and generally really making an effort to see some results. My first Christmas Party is on 12th December so that's my deadline!

My training has consisted of, two personal training sessions and a circuit class per week with Chris, a class with Kevin once a week for the past four weeks and if possible, an at home workout on Gymcube.

My personal training sessions consist of a number of different things such as lunges, step-ups, lifting weights and cardio, here's Chris' rationale behind his programme of exercise;

'Sally's training is being split between 'bootcamp' style workouts, low repetition-high weight 'strength' training and high repetition-moderate weight 'strength' training.  The reason for this is to be able to provide alternating stimuli, meaning that her body has to work in multiple ways in order to burn body fat.'

It's hard work and my god it BURNS. I normally whinge a lot so Chris deserves an award for putting up with me! This, paired with my stripped down diet should hopefully mean on the 12th December I feel great in my party dress!

I have mentioned it a couple of times now so you maybe wondering what GymCube is! GymCube is a website where you can access timetabled and on demand workout videos that you can do in the comfort of your own home. With everything ranging from rave workouts to ten minute tones, ab blasts and all sorts, there is a video to cater for all abilities and also all time available. There are a few different membership options, the free membership enables members to participate in scheduled classes which take place throughout the day, however the anytime membership is just £9.99* per month and grants access to all of the on demand content.

If you want to shape up in the comfort of your own home then I would highly recommend GymCube. There is something for everyone and you don't have to have loads of equipment either, so no excuses not to get fit! One of my fave websites to stock up on the sports stuff is only sports gear UK.

Stay tuned for more posts on what I am getting up to on my #ReebokChallenge!

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