My #ReebokChallenge: The Food

Whenever I see someone (celebs in particularly) who has shifted some weight, I am always intrigued as to how they have done it. It's ruddy hard work, especially when you have been trying for a while, so like most things, you have to adapt your diet and change things up in order to get the results you want.

As I have been training with Chris for about 18 months now, my body is used to certain things, so to see a change I have to change the levels of protein, carbs and fats that I eat quite regularly. Using My Fitness Pal, Chris can set me daily goals so that I have a general guideline as to what my meals should contain and how much of everything I should be having in a day.

This is very scientific and all a bit over my head in all honesty but as a general rule, if you are looking to lose fat, LOTS of vegetables and white meat and fish will help you drop it. How much you should be having will be different from person to person so that's why it's hard to judge what will work, other than the process of trial and error.

In terms of my #ReebokChallenge, this is what Chris has to say about his nutrition guidelines for me;

'Sally's nutrition is tied in with her bi-weekly and monthly re-measurement sessions.  Based on the results of those sessions (weight taken, along with caliper measurements and circumference measurements with a tape measure), her daily calorie intake (along with Protein, Fat & Carbohydrate split) is amended if necessary to ensure continuing reductions in weight and measurements.

On a general day my food will look something like this;

Breakfast: 2 x medium eggs + extra egg white scrambled, half a bag of spinach and some turkey or lean bacon.

Lunch: 1 and a half chicken breasts, half a sachet of microwave wholegrain rice and green veg, total 0% yogurt topped with raspberries and milled linseed or flaxseed.

Dinner: 2 x cod fillets, sliced leek and cabbage, sweet potato.

Depending on what the goals are looking like in My Fitness Pal, I will add more protein, vegetables or carbs in as required!

This probably looks like a really boring day of food but it demonstrates the quantity that I am eating and shows that I am certainly not starving myself to lose weight! If you wanted food that was slightly less bland then I can highly recommend Chris' Recipe eBook, which could be the perfect Christmas Gift to yourself or a friend/family member! You can purchase this via Amazon here.

For anyone wanting to embark on a healthy eating plan without the help of a PT, my tip for you would be to take pictures of yourself so that you can gauge progress. Not everyone has a tape measure to hand but you will know from how your clothes feel and what the scales say. You just have to stick at it!

Just over a week to go now until I have to slip on my first party dress, so it's game on and a week of saintly eating and drinking for me!

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