Sweetie Darling: Awesome Treats and Tasty Sweets

Much as people don't like to admit that Christmas is looming fairly soon, it is. So get over it ;)

This little gem of a gift website popped onto my radar earlier this year and I just haven't got round to posting about it (possibly saving such lovely unique gifts for myself?!) but now is the time.

We all have that friend who is pants at saying what they want. When you need to get something cute and quirky then Sweetie Darling is JUST the place.

I have a quite unhealthy obsession with Paris so if I am ever labelled as the awkward friend that is hard to buy for, chances are something with an Eiffel Tower on it will make me a very happy gift recipient.

Go and check it out this afternoon, but apologies for the basket of random things that you may end up with on route to you.. everything is reasonably priced and you will inevitably find things you don't need but just want. And that is A-OK in my book.

Downton Abbey pencils are a MUST have office stationery item don't you know?! :)

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