A Facial at Clarins Selfridges Manchester

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of being treated to a facial by the lovely team over at Clarins in Selfridges Manchester!

I was whisked into the Skin Spa and shown through to a treatment room, seated in possibly the most comfortable chair I have EVER sat on and we discussed my skin. As I have previously mentioned, I suffer with excess grease, some breakouts around the jawline and sometimes random dry patches on the cheeks. Lovely.

The chair then moved back into a BED, and provided me with a light massage to the back. It was absolute bliss! I can't pretend I know what was being done to my face other than the fact it felt like a dream. I really really need to stress how comfortable I was during the treatment - I often find that lying on the usual spa treatment beds can leave me with a sore back afterwards but this chair was seriously so amazing!!!

I was left with brightened skin, feeling really relaxed and in the week post treatment I have noticed that my skin looks much healthier!

If you want a treat to get ready for the festive season then I cannot recommend Clarins Skin Spa enough!

Thank you Clarins :)

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