Life is better with a tan...

I know the title of this post is a bit shallow sounding, and probably not even applicable to some of you English Roses, but I am a fake tan junkie. A lazy one. I always feel like I look healthier with a tan and it makes me feel so much better about myself!

A quick post today to talk about my favourite three fake tan brands that cater for all budgets, time slots available for tanning and desired colour.

First up is a new product recently introduced to me by my visit to Top Notch Salon in Manchester. Lauren's Way Solution 60 is honestly been a bit of a revelation to me. I was very kindly treated to a spray tan when I visited Top Notch and they used this new formula on me which develops in a mere 1 to 3 hours. I am normally quite sceptical of such claims, but I can reveal that in just 2 hours time, the Lauren's Way Spray Tan turned me the most amazing bronze colour, was even and I feel it's probably going to be a new obsession of mine... I had it applied on a Monday and then it was still going strong for my weekend in Paris a good few days later so in terms of longevity it is definitely up there!

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter was another tan that intrigued me with their claims and the blogger hype that surrounded the product. I have used the normal foam one and the dark mousse, both are quick to develop, give a great colour and are fantastic value for money.

Xen Tan is at the luxury end of the tanning marketplace and I do absolutely love it but I do not love the price tag.. probably the best smelling out of the 3 tans I have selected, Xen Tan is a really beautiful product. Kind to skin, evenly wears off and provides a natural looking glow.

I'll be getting my pins out this weekend for Parklife in Manchester so will need to get them tanned up - what are your fave tanning brands? :)

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