Every so often an email pops into my inbox from a brand and the concept of the collaboration really appeals to me.

This post is a collaboration with Thierry Mugler and as they launch the new face of Angel as Georgia May Jagger, they've asked people to talk all about their #AngelTribes (or group of pals for those of you unfamiliar with the campaign.) Mugler feels that the woman who wears 'Angel' is strong and empowered by the other strong females around her through their friendship. Something about that really resonated with me and I would like to introduce my #AngelTribe to you guys!

The idea of the post was to try and get everyone in the same photo, in the ultimate selfie, but the truth is, all my amazing friends are hard to assemble in one place! There were a good few others I could have put in here and I am sorry to my pals who I missed out but if I had to pick a mix of old and new that I spend the most time with, it's the people above!

My 'tribe' means the world to me and they all bring out a different part of my personality I think. I can't put my finger on what draws us together as it varies from friendship to friendship, all I can say is that I love each dearly and hope to have them around for the distant future!

What I love about the Blogging community is that it allows me to mix with like minded people, sometimes in person and sometimes virtually. It has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and also made me challenge myself to start new things. I'd say Blogging has encouraged me with the weightloss project, so when Steph (Angel number 2 in the picture!) suggested I check out Elite Performance Fitness, I did. Originally it was for the good of the Blog, but then I realised that I actually enjoyed going and was getting a lot out of it!

Which leads me onto Angels number 4 and 6.. Alex and Clare. I met both through the gym and they have become close friends. I love that as you get older, history isn't such an important factor in choosing friends. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends from school (Steph - 2, Zara - 7 and Lauren - 9) but as you grow up you evolve and you make friends with people you meet along the way.

Janine (1), Taylor (3) and Sara (8) are friends I have made via other friends but they really understand me and contribute very positively to my life.

I think my tribe is very unique in that we are all very different, have a real mix of careers and personalities, but it works. Between us we are; a Makeup Artist, PR, Business Owner, Physiotherapist, HR/Blogger (that's me), PA, Wedding Stationary Designer, Lawyer and Pharmacist! Some very impressive women I call my friends so I'd love to hear about yours!

If you want to get involved in the campaign too, post a picture of you and your tribe on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook mentioning @Thierry_Mugler with the hasthag #AngelTribes.

Twitter: @Thierry_Mugler https://twitter.com/Thierry_Mugler

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