Currys #WonderBlog Competition
An invite to join the fun on this little competition popped into my inbox and I thought I would use the opportunity to enter, but also to give one of my favourite bloggers a shout out.

This competition aims to spread the word about what blogs other bloggers read and mine is undoubtedly, Tanya Burr's Blog.

I think this competition is actually a really nice idea. The Blogosphere can be a competitive place and to just simply congratulate another blogger on a job well done is something I like to do. We all know how much of our hearts and souls go into our little corners of the Internet, so why not make our appreciation known?

As a part of the competition, winners can land themselves a new desktop PC and I have eyed up this whizzo piece of technology that I think would help me take my blog to the next level.

I really admire Tanya Burr as I think she strikes the perfect balance of being fun, informative and true to herself in her blog posts and videos. Sometimes there is the temptation to just get swept up in the product placement that comes along with being sent bits and pieces to sample, but I respect that Tanya obviously features and talks about what she actually likes. For me, Tanya feels like a friend who I would get beauty tips and tricks from, but also someone who I just like hearing what they have been up to!

Even if I don't win the competition, I do think you should all check out Tanya's Blog if you haven't done so already :)

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