Ugh, As If!

Crochet Collar Jumper: ASOS, Too Faced Blush Pearls: ASOS, Oversized Pastel Blue Jumper: ASOS, Gold Loafers: Gap, Pink Leather Bag: Gap, Yellow and Gold Watch: ASOS
I heart Clueless... and Gossip Girl, and Mean Girls. Basically anything that is super girly to watch, so when I saw pastels were back in there on the current shades du jour I was quite excited!!

Seemingly every blogger, fashionista and general girl about town has got her perfectly pastel, manicured mitts on 'the' statement pastel piece, which is undoubtedly the pastel coat.

I really wish I wasn't as clumsy as I am, as I am seriously all over this pastel coat trend but my ability to get things dirty means it's probably not a wise investment.

This is where the above items come in! Wearing pastels is way more doable than just jumping on the coat bandwagon so I will giving my nod to pastels by incorporating the shades into accessories, clothing and nails!

I was very kindly sent some of the new Models Own HyperGel polishes to try, along with a couple of colours from the Topshop Nails new intros and I absolutely love them all!

If you aren't brave enough to wear full pastel, wearing it on your nails makes it a much easier trend to partake in.. :)

Remember ladies, on Wednesday's, we wear pink!

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