January Favourites 2014

Good evening!

So I have made a commitment to myself that I will do a monthly favourites post. It seems a popular topic and I think I need to give myself the challenge!

This month has been filled with new discoveries for me and each item on here is something I had not really used a lot until this year!

So here goes;

Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Candle/Body Cream: I received the Creme Brulee Gift Set for Christmas off my Mommy and I am OBSESSED with the smell. It is very sweet and smells good enough to eat, so as I have reined in my eating again this January I have smothered myself in this as a sweet treat! The candles are also amazing - mine is nearly used up already but it is the most beautiful smell! It has given me hours of enjoyment :)

Models Own HyperGel Gel Effect Polish*: I love the pastel trend that is out there at the moment so as soon as I saw these bad boys I was in love. They apply beautifully and the colour options are incredible!

Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise Fragrance: I had the body cream of this fragrance and have had a bit of a love affair with it! Quirky and sweet, I think this is a really unique scent and one I am sure I will be wearing for a long time and repurchasing!

Toni and Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Rough Texturiser Spray: Ok. This one is a biggie. I got my first bottle of this in December and I think it has swiftly become one of my all time fave hair products and I am on my second bottle of the stuff already. I can only really describe this as being the perfect product to use when your hair goes a bit 'meh' and flat after washing, especially if you have straight hair like mine. It 'fluffs' it up amazingly without weighing it down, it smells gorgeous and I am all round a super fan of the Toni and Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe products now. They are currently on offer for 3 for £12 in boots which makes them a BARGAIN! Please try them as they have a collection for each type of hair look you are going for and I cannot recommend them enough!

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush: I have been really enjoying using this with my next favourite on the list! The Motives Gel Eyeliner. Since watching a fair few of Tanya Burr's YouTube Videos, I have given the whole gel liner thing another whirl and have been loving the effect. I don't really do the whole winged liner thing as I am not very good at it, but a thin line, close the lash line is a lovely look for day time and one I have been really enjoying. The brush is perfect for this liner, picks up enough of the product and is supple enough to apply a nice line, but also stiff enough so not make a mess on your eyelid! I am hoping to get my mitts on the silicone eyeliner brush from Real Techniques soon as I think that will be an incredible brush to add to my collection!

Motives Gel Eyeliner and Brow Kit: I have been using Motives products since hearing about them from my love of the Kardashian's! Loren Ridinger (Kim K's BFF) fronts this makeup brand and it is absolutely incredible. I am always impressed with each of the bits and bobs I have tried and I think the quality of the products is outstanding. The eyeliner as I said above is by far the best I have used. I've tried the Bobbi Brown one and this beats it, hands down. It is super pigmented, easy to apply and long lasting. The brow kit is also another favourite of mine. I have become quite brow obsessed and I feel like I am finally getting the kind of brows that I always wanted! I have them waxed and then use the Motives kit to fill them in and I can honestly say it makes such a difference to how my makeup looks. I have been so impressed by Motives, I have added a link to the online shop in my pages navigation at the top of the page! Check it out and I apologise now for any impulse purchases you make... :)

What have you been loving this January?

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