You’re thinking about selling products online and you’ve already got a great idea in your head. It feels like it’ll work and the products are almost ready to be sold. The only thing left to consider is how you package these items. 

81% of people agree that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions. You need to provide great packaging that stands out - but you also must do so without it costing too much money. The more the packaging costs, the more you’ll have to sell your products. This could overprice them and leave you with no customers and a burning hole in your budget. 

Finding the right balance is key and we’ve got three simple tips to help you save money on business packaging:

Two Boxes of branded packaging sat on a tree branch

Buy plain, unbranded packaging in bulk

First of all, buying things in bulk always leads to savings. Secondly, buying unbranded packaging is inherently cheaper than customising it. You’ll find countless options online like boxes, bags, tubs, bottles, and any other type of packaging you can think of. Get these plain items for a very cheap price and you’re one step closer to making great packaging for your customers. You might think this is boring, but one of the tricks to setting up a successful company is knowing how to find affordable alternatives to expensive ideas - you’ll see what we mean in a moment.

Customise your packaging with labels

Rather than splashing the cash on custom packaging, you will customise it yourself at home. Get your unbranded bulk items and attach custom labels to them. Suddenly, the bland packaging is transformed into something reflecting your brand image. The label adds more color to the packaging and helps it stand out. Printing out labels is far cheaper than having a company make packaging with labels already printed on them. This is what we mean by finding affordable alternatives to expensive ideas. You’ve got custom packaging but for a fraction of the cost!

Optimise the packaging design

Packaging becomes needlessly expensive when you’re buying the wrong things or using the wrong materials. Optimise the packaging design by ensuring you use packaging that fits your products. You don’t want any waste materials as it costs extra money to ship. You’re also paying for…well…nothing. Look at when you buy an iPhone - see how perfectly shaped the packaging is. It’s almost the exact size of the device and all the space inside the box is used to contain the charging cable, plug, instructions, etc. Imagine you bought an iPhone and it came in an iPad-sized box. There’d be so much wasted space, which is completely useless, and would cost Apple more money. Learn from this and ensure your packaging reflects the product and you aren’t spending cash on something completely unnecessary. 

Saving money on business packaging is much easier than you initially assumed. It’s highly possible to make amazing packaging that draws the eye without tearing a hole in your budget. Think about optimising the design, buying plain packaging in bulk, and customising through labels.

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