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Many of us don't prioritise our health in the way that we should. Whether you may have concerns about your oral health or physical health, the reality is that the world we live in stops us from doing the things that will set us up for healthier versions of ourselves. We work more, we have more pressures and stresses, and we invariably fall on bad habits that are not easy to undo. Prioritising your health is something that sounds obvious, but you've got to realise there are ways to do this, despite everything that goes on in your life that tears you away from looking after yourself properly. 

Taking Care of Yourself Should Be a Daily Effort

Rather than thinking that we've got to take care of ourselves as this almighty task that there's no time to complete, we've got to break things down into smaller tasks. For every day of the week, think about one little thing you can do that moves the needle closer to being healthier. When you start to think about one little thing, and this becomes a habit, you can build upon it. Regularity is so important to reinforce the idea that we are healthy and are worth looking after. This also includes making regular appointments. Dental appointments in places like Wahroonga Village Dental, as well as going to the doctor for those all-important check-ups will ensure that you start to create that foundation.

Treat Yourself Like a Car

Our bodies and brains are fantastic pieces of machinery. Our brains are more powerful than the quickest supercomputer out there and the fact is we only get one of each. Treat yourself like your car: you need to take it for regular check-ups and you should be checking it if there is something untoward. The problem we have in life is that if there is a niggle or pain, we try to work through it or tell ourselves we don't have the time. Sometimes, it can be to do with our working environment, but we must remember that our health is more important. After all, health is wealth. 

Tracking Your Numbers

While a lot of people focus on calorie counting as a way to lose weight, what we’re talking about here are things like blood sugar, HDL and LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, VO2 max, and so much more. These are all measurements that you should understand. They will help you identify if you are at risk of certain diseases, which is why regular check-ups are so important because these numbers can tell you a lot about your general health. 

Creating Habits, Not Changes

Self-care is something that some people may believe is selfish, especially as we think we have to give so much ourselves out to the world. If you are a compulsive status updater, taking that time away from social media is a hard habit to break, but comes with many benefits. Habits are more important than making changes, because if you start to think about new habits as lifestyle choices, for example, eating healthier constantly rather than going on a diet, you start to understand that you are a far more effective and functioning person as a result. Today is the day you start prioritising your health.

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