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The hardest thing for most of us is trying to come to terms with who we are. This is especially true if you are trying to rejuvenate your health. This is, for the very simple reason, sometimes if you've got a certain view of yourself that you're not good enough, it may seem futile to even try to improve your health. And this is something that we've all battled with. Self-loathing or just not thinking we're good enough is something that can build up over a long time. There are things that we can all do to help ourselves. Here are some practical approaches that could help you. 

Having Control Over the Little Things You Can Fix

Sometimes our source of insecurity stems from something very little. If it's an aesthetic issue, such as your teeth, the fact is that there are always dentists like the Connolly Dental Boutique that can help in this respect. When you start to have control over those little things, they can provide a baseline for you to feel better about yourself. It's not necessarily shallow to think that there's something you don't like about yourself. The question is if you can fix it or not. If you can, that's great, but if not you've got to burrow deeper. 

Finding Out Your Triggers

Self-loathing is a very difficult thing because if you don't know your triggers or they don't appear as triggers, you've got to find out what the things are that sends you down a negative spiral. For example, if you feel bad about yourself when you don't finish a task, you can get to the core of this by reviewing things that you did on days where these feelings occur. It could be down to the fact that you're working too hard or you are setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. At the end of every day, write down your thoughts and look at what you felt, the activities you did, and the people that you interacted with- you might begin to see a pattern. 

Try Positive Self-Talk

If you really have a negative opinion of yourself you can try some mantras that can help you to stimulate some form of positive reinforcement. Some people don't like the idea of positive self-talk; it doesn't come naturally to them. But there are plenty of resources to get you started on positive self-talk. We all need to remember that when we engage in positive self-talk, it's sending a little message to our subconscious that, over time, can make us feel better about ourselves. 

Focus on the Now

When we are fully occupied with negative thoughts about ourselves, we’re thinking in the past or in the future. When we feel completely focused on what we do now, we can't focus on anything else. Having a handful of exercises that can help you to pay attention to the here and now can make a big difference. 

We all have internal struggles with ourselves, but we shouldn't feel that we are completely “in hate” with ourselves.

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