Bottled Cocktail Company Passion Fruit Spritz

Flat Lay of Valentines Themed Picnic with Bottled Cocktail Company Cocktail
I am sure it's no secret that I love a cocktail.. many are pictured on my Instagram and those of you who know me IRL will have seen me knock a fair few back.. 🎉🍹

Naturally when the Bottled Cocktail Company got in touch and asked if I wanted to try one of their cocktails from the comfort of my home, I jumped at the chance. V-Day was my self care, 'spoil your fine self' day so it just felt right to have a handcrafted cocktail in hand ready to drink whilst cosied up in my PJs (and the classic M&S meal deal). Bliss. 💝

I am so impressed! 

Whilst I have dabbled in the pre-mixed cocktails market before, the bottled cocktail company have got their offering SO right. No nasties, no artificial flavours and no nonsense sums them up perfectly.

The Passion Fruit Spritz was absolutely delicious and felt such a treat when I didn't have to do all the measurements and buy all the ingredients in myself. At just £33 for the bottle and with each bottle making 7-10 servings the product is really good value for money and would add a lovely touch to girls night, date night, Tuesdays...

There are lots of different options depending on your tipple preference with clear and easy to follow serving instructions. You can claim a 15% discount on your first order using code BCC15 at checkout. 

Thank you BCC for making my Monday rather wonderful! I will definitely be ordering again 😍

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