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As the new year approaches, many people will make a resolution about becoming fitter and healthier. Saying it and doing it are two entirely different things, but if you really want to stop being a couch potato in 2022, then you might want to consider taking up running. It sounds full-on, but it’s actually a great way to get fit and lose weight – and anyone can do it. Here are some ways you can get ready to run. 

Ditch The Bad Habits 

If you’re going to take up running as a new hobby and use it to lose weight and get healthier, then the first thing you need to do is prepare. Of course, you’ll need to learn about stretching and warming up, so you don’t hurt yourself physically, but you’ll also need to do some other kinds of preparation; you’ll need to ditch your bad habits. If you smoke, for example, then you should try to give this up – smoking and running don’t mix. Cutting down on the amount of alcohol you drink is also a good idea, as is swapping junk food for healthier fruit and vegetables. Start preparing, and the running will become much more manageable. 

Be Realistic 

Not everyone takes to running straight away, and your first few runs will definitely be a struggle. It’s hard to go from doing pretty much nothing to beginning a new exercise regime, no matter what it is, but running is tricky because it tends to be a solo sport, so no coach is pushing you on. Be realistic about what to expect; understand that it’s going to feel difficult, that you’ll ache, and even that you might need to wear a panty liner, but remember that it will be worth it. After a few weeks of persistence, you will find it becomes easier and enjoyable. If you do prefer to be with other people, once you get into the rhythm of it, you could join a running group

Get The Right Shoes 

So as not to hurt yourself, and so that your new running hobby has the chance to work its magic, you will need to buy the right shoes. You can’t just put on any old pair of trainers and hope for the best, as you might hurt your feet or even your spine. A specialty sports shop will fit you for the right pair of shoes by not only measuring your feet, but by analysing your gait too, and then they will give you advice on which ones are best for you. If you’re short on funds, you can still get fitted and then buy last year’s version of the same shoe. 

Start Slow And Build Up

If you’ve never been running before, it’s best to start slowly. Literally. Start by walking the route that you intend to take, as this will show you whether or not it’s a good one. You’ll see if there are any obstacles, how busy it is, how far it is in reality. Every time you walk it, speed up a little until you are running. This could take a week or more, but don’t rush it – your body needs to be ready to run. 

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