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Many women in the gym are more likely to head towards the running machines and yoga mats than they are to brave the testosterone-filled weights section. This is just another example of the gender divide that, let’s be frank, exists in every gym across the country. But with evidence of universal health benefits off the back of weight training continuing to emerge, many women feel that it’s past time to put an end to this exercise overrule. 

Unfortunately, this male-led focus means that, as it stands, just 20% of women engage in weight lifting, despite many more reporting that they’d love to give it a go. Whether you’re among them or have simply ruled out the weight room altogether, we’re going to consider just a few of the most pressing reasons for women to finally get a foot in this weighty door. 

# 1 - It’s not all about bulking muscle

Perhaps one of the main reasons weight lifting has always remained so male-centric is the fact that, often, it’s seen solely as a way to bulk up. While some women obviously enjoy that look, many others don’t particularly want the big muscles and six-pack. In reality, though, bulky muscles typically arise as a result of high levels of testosterone in the body. With most women having just 10% of the testosterone that men do, women who weight lift to their capabilities and make sure to eat right and supplement with additions like this Muscle Nation protein powder between sessions are far more likely to enjoy muscle tone and definition instead. And, given that toning is a large part of why many of us workout in the first place, that’s got to be a good thing.

# 2 - A more efficient method for weight-loss

Obviously, not all female exercise revolves around weight loss these days, but for women who do attempt often temporary weight loss benefits through running, Zumba, etc., it’s worth noting that weight lifting may provide a longer-lasting alternative. That’s because, as well as helping the body to burn calories more efficiently, strength training keeps the metabolism active for much longer than something like aerobics. Paired with specified protein-heavy diets, especially, this enables efficient, healthy weight loss that isn’t always evident elsewhere in the gym.

# 3 - Everyone can benefit from a mood boost

All exercise can help to keep mental health in check, but studies reveal that neurochemical and neuromuscular changes during and after strength training, in particular, can have a beneficial impact on the brain, as well as facilitating good sleep. This is why weight training is now considered a legitimate treatment option or supplementation for patients with depression, and it’s yet another benefit that women shouldn’t have to miss out on! 

Whether you’ve always felt daunted by the male-filled weights section in your local gym or simply haven’t considered weights as an exercise option until now, it’s past time that women finally found their own place in the world of weights so that they, too, can enjoy these benefits.  

Woman Weightlifting Squat Rack

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