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Many people put their healthy lifestyles and habits on hold during the Coronavirus pandemic and gave up longstanding routines of morning gym workouts and healthy eating. Now, as the world begins to emerge from the pandemic and people all over the world go back to work or find new routines, it’s a great time to assess your own health needs and set new goals. 

Unfortunately, one of the many reasons individuals no longer make their own health a priority can be a lack of disposable income. We tend to budget for housing, medical care, school, and entertainment, but very few people tend to set aside money to help with staying active and healthy. And while some parts of a healthy lifestyle can get expensive, there are ways to stay active without breaking the budget. (There are also some innovative financial tools like Buddy Loans that can help those in a tight financial situation right now.)

Let’s look at how to incorporate healthy living into your daily life for those on a budget and those who have a little extra to splurge.

Focus on eating mostly healthy, fresh foods

Everyone knows that an essential part of overall health is eating fresh, healthy foods and choosing foods with less processed ingredients whenever possible. However, it can be daunting to read the labels of everything you buy but sticking to the fresh food aisles of your grocery store, or market is a good start. 

For the budget-conscious:

Balance your trolley with some fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season (which should be less expensive), and then go with frozen items for the remainder of your list. 

For those with a bit of extra:

Sign up for a meal planning service or fresh food delivery service that allows you to customise your meal choices, focusing on healthy ingredients and organic foods. 

Incorporate vitamins for specific needs

Even those who focus on eating healthy, organic foods and getting a balanced diet can find themselves lacking essential nutrients needed for optimal health. Incorporating daily, multi-vitamins or specific vitamins based on your health history and needs is critical in overall well-being. 

For the budget-conscious:

Go with a simple multi-vitamin found at your local pharmacy or supermarket. 

For those with a bit of extra:

Opt for a vitamin delivery service like Ritual to help customise your vitamins and make them a habit you won’t forget. 

Make self-care a priority

Self-care is a lot more than heading to the spa for the day or getting a pedicure. The best self-care is the activity or activities that make you feel like yourself again. 

For the budget-conscious:

It might be getting an extra hour or two of sleep in the morning, going for a slow walk instead of a strenuous strength-training workout, or choosing to read a book instead of tackling that garage clean-out. Anything that helps you eliminate stress counts as self-care!

For those with a bit of extra:

Schedule a half-day at the local spa and soak in some hydration with a customised treatment. Or, take a day trip to a hotel or spa not as close to home and schedule a massage, followed up by a long walk in a new neighbourhood. 

Make physical activity a regular part of your day

Moving your body every day is essential for staying healthy and active at every size and age. But the type of exercise, the frequency, and the duration are all up to you! Some people thrive best in a group exercise environment with lots of accountability, and you can work out with friends nearby. Others prefer a solo workout at a home gym, a long run alone, or a hot yoga workout in a studio. 

The key here is consistency and choosing something you enjoy. It doesn’t mean that your exercise time has to be your favourite part of the day. It just needs to be something you won’t dread doing. 

For the budget-conscious:

Pick up a piece of used home exercise equipment on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or go for an affordable gym membership. Either option can get you motivated to start and keep you working toward your goals. 

For those with a bit of extra:

If you are brand-new to a healthy lifestyle and looking for help in diet and nutrition, hiring a personal trainer might be an excellent investment to make. This level of support can be a higher financial investment than working out at home or with a group, but the payoff is worth it for many. 

When searching for a personal trainer, try to find someone who will be a good fit for your personality and be honest about your expectations. Seek out some local referrals and ask for a few trial sessions before committing to a long-term arrangement. 

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