'The most important relationship is the one you  have with yourself'

~Diane Von Furstenburg

Love Yourself Low Carb Food Delivery

Breakfast Iced Coffee and Nutola from Love Yourself

Love Yourself Ricotta and Courgette Bake with Salmon Salad

Love Yourself Thai Green Chicken Curry with Cauli Rice

Love Yourself Beef Strips with Stir Fried Greens

Love Yourself Chicken and Mushroom Cauli Risotto

Anyone else feel like the pandemic has given them ample opportunity to realise that they reallllly need to look after themselves better?

I was recently offered the opportunity to give Love Yourself's Low Carb Meal Plan a try and I jumped at the chance to kick start getting back to full health!

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a year and a half ago and I am working on getting rid of it by eating more consciously and reducing my sugar and carb intake. I was feeling a bit demotivated with finding low carb meal options and turning to the same things all the time and quite frankly BORED. 


Love Yourself offer meal plans for a range of total calories per day and durations. I sampled 2 days worth of food and it was absolutely delicious. I tried the 1500 calorie day low carb plan which was 3 meals and an afternoon snack. I absolutely loved the ease of not having to think about cooking anything other than warming the food through and knowing I was feeding myself with fresh ingredients that would give my body everything it needs! 

I enjoyed every single meal that I tried and I love that the menus change week by week so you won't get bored. Whilst it is an investment, I absolutely think it is worth the cost as you can taste the quality of the ingredients used and I definitely would use Love Yourself again as a paying customer. 


You don't have to sign up to a contract and as I said there are lots of choices as to how many days in the week you want meals and for what duration, it would be perfect to do in the run up to a big event, holidays, embarking on a fitness regime, weddings etc when you want to take the stress out of meal planning and eating healthy. You can scan the bar codes into MyFitnessPal and all the nutritional information is displayed so you can track your macros too if you want!

There are 16 plans you can choose from, not just low carb - and catering for lots of different dietary needs.

Big thanks to Love Yourself for giving me the healthy kick I needed 💚

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