Light Up Mirror and Makeup Flat Lay
Light Up Mirror and Makeup Flat Lay
Anyone else taken to doing their makeup at their make-shift desk? 

Then you need to check out the HD Mirrors Malibu Portable Light Up Mirror... 

I don't have a dressing table due to space limitations in my flat but having a light up mirror that I can recharge and set up anywhere has been a godsend on those darker days. I also find it useful to be able to get a bit closer to the mirror to check my work, I wear glasses but obviously can't when applying makeup so it's great to be able to double check everything is blended nicely and my eyeliner is precise 😊

I think the mirror makes an excellent gift at £29.99* - it is charged via USB cable and the light is adjustable, you hold down the light button to make it dimmer or brighter depending on preference. It is really good quality, light and slim enough that you could easily transport it around (on holiday/short break/your partners house etc) as it is a bug bear of mine that hotels never seem to have convenient mirrors or mirrors with good lighting to apply your makeup!

HD Mirrors also offer lots of other options if you do have a makeup station and want that hollywood style lit mirror setup (jealous)! I am loving being able to sit at my dining table (where my workstation is set up) and get ready for my various video calls of the day. 

I am so impressed with the mirror, massive thanks to HD Mirrors for the very kind gift!

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