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When we’re young, we’re all taught “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and it is important to realise that a person’s intrinsic worth is not based on something as shallow as how they look.

Nonetheless, our appearances – and especially the way we present ourselves – do have an effect on how we get on in life, in a variety of different ways. After all, the reason why people may visit their family dentists to get their teeth straightened isn’t just down to wanting to chew food more effectively.

But while the way we present ourselves has a lot to do with other people’s perceptions, there are some good reasons to pay attention to presentation solely for the ways in which it affects how you feel about yourself.

Here are some reasons to pay attention to your presentation – for yourself.

Because it will boost your confidence and your sense of well-being

When all is said and done, everyone inevitably feels happier and more confident if they feel that they are well groomed and well presented, and look their best.

There are a variety of different things in life that can get us down and negatively impact our sense of well-being – and often a lot of the factors that can cause discontentment and frustration will not be directly under our control.

While we can’t be completely in control of our appearance, we do have a high degree of control over how we present ourselves – and it’s almost impossible not to feel a greater sense of well-being if you are wearing a flattering and well put together outfit, than if you were wearing old pyjamas all day every day.

Because it will likely make you more proactive and outgoing in general

When we pay attention to our personal presentation, in order to make sure that we are presenting ourselves in a way that we like, it can have a very positive overall effect with regards to how empowered we feel to be proactive and outgoing, in general.

Part of this is directly down to the confidence issue, but part of it also simply has to do with feeling more in control of life in general, and more willing to engage with the world at large as a result.

Because it can help to reinforce a role in you are trying to step into

The outfits you wear, and the way you handle your personal presentation, can go a long way in reinforcing a role you are trying to step into, and helping to convince you that you are “the real deal.”

Here’s an example: you’re trying to get in shape and take up a regular fitness routine, perhaps involving certain sports. Do you think you would feel more or less invested in that sense of identity if you had a set of sports clothes that you really liked the look of and that helped you to perform effectively, or if you didn’t?

Definitely some food for thought...

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