Gift Guide Photo Collage If Money Were No Object

Just won the lottery? Big bonus burning a hole in your pocket? 

This gift guide was very fun to put together, looking at what's out there and sorting items 'price high to low'.

The vast majority of us will not likely have the budget to buy some of these things but hey a girl can dream right?

If a glass horse head is what you think a family or friend would love and you have a spare £20k then you can make that dream a reality... 

Diamonds and jewellery are an easy way to drop cash with the diamond encrusted Cartier Love Bracelet setting you back £38,600. 

Sumptuous knits and leathers have a higher price point so you can work, rest or play in comfort with Balmain or Gucci knits, run to the supermarket with a flashy Valentino Clutch or Burberry Bag containing cashmere and slip your feet into Cinderella worthy pearl Jimmy Choo shoes.. 

One surprise for me was that premium, EXTRA pyjamas are very much a thing. Available in a variety of colours, why not spend Christmas lounging in marabou trim pyjamas or a cashmere loungewear suit?

All of the above items are available from Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. 

If food and drink is more their thing then wow you can also spend so much money on vintage wines and spirits or a casual £550 on an 150 year old 100ml bottle of Balsamic Vinegar...!

What would you want to find under the tree if money was no object?

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