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Travelling abroad seems like a distant memory but I always enjoy these types of post so I thought I would write my own to remind myself of more exciting times...

I do NOT pack light. I like to have my stuff with me so packing for a trip is always a list worthy operation that requires thought and time!

I do however have a few firm faves that always make it into my carry on to make travelling that bit more comfortable.

Starting from the top!


On short haul this is less of an issue but my skin always goes CRAY when I step foot on a plane. I have to moisturise to avoid facial breakouts, cuticle flaking and dry lips so you can almost always find a variety of products in my little sandwich bag of beauty! One of my mentionable faves this year has been the Bioderma Atoderm Lipbalm - I have these Lipbalms EVERYWHERE. It is the best I have ever used and I will stock pile this if I ever found out it was going to be discontinued. The love runs DEEP.

I am also loving the Body Shop Hand Creams as they are a nice travel friendly size and absorb really quickly. There's also a scent for everyone!


A light fragrance is a MUST for me. Usually if I am going away it is to the sunshine and Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess is summer in a bottle. It is my happy fragrance and I adore it - I find it very soothing so I have been known to give myself a spritz on the plane. It is super light so I don't think I am gassing anyone out!


It's slightly more awkward now as many places want to use disposable items to avoid transmission of coronavirus but I drink a lot of water in general so rather than buying a massive plastic bottle, it does make more sense to bring my own to be refilled. The Stojo Collapsible Bottles are great as you can collapse them down to a pretty small shape and throw them in your bag and then fill them up when needed!


Noise cancelling to be specific!! I ALWAYS have headphones with me. I like to listen to music or my calm app or even just have them in to stop my ears popping. I find music and certain noises very relaxing so they are essential!


Covering off a few items here but sometimes I get the urge to write or be productive whilst on a flight, and that's either drafting blog posts, doodling, editing photos or watching my own downloaded movies and shows. You don't often get a TV on short haul flights so I need something to ward off the boredom!


You never know when hunger will strike, or when you might be asleep when the drinks trolley comes round so I have to have a couple of things with me for during the flight or afterwards. I tend to pack more health food snacks in an attempt to counteract the inevitable increase in calorie consumption whilst on Holiday! 


I'd like to think that cleaning regimes have improved massively since the pandemic but I do always like to keep wet wipes on me for any general anti bacterial requirements or mishaps! I did notice on my most recent flight that EasyJet specifically ask you not to wipe surfaces down as they are treated with a stronger anti-bacterial solution but I have never regretted having them with me. I think it's good that everyone is slightly more conscious on hygiene and I personally did not mind wearing a mask on the flight - for the first time ever I did not get a snuffly nose after travelling by plane!


I always pack a pair of socks as on most flights I will wear flip flops if I am travelling somewhere warm. But my feet are the only part of me to get a little cold and I do like to be able to take my shoes off (they are put back on for bathroom visits)

Along with socks, I tend to bring a scarf/sarong with me as it can be used as a makeshift blanket or pillow cover if needed!


I use a variety of bags for travelling and I do quite often take a small suitcase into the cabin with me but that tends to contain a couple of emergency items such as underwear, swimwear and a change of clothes plus chargers etc. I then have another bag that will be put under the seat in front. 9 times out of 10 it is a Longchamp bag as they are durable, have a lot of room and useful for whilst away as a beach/pool bag!

So there we have it! What are your in-flight essentials?

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