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K West Hotel and Spa Bedroom

The UK went into lockdown on March 23rd and I was working from home from March 18th.. that is still the case now and whilst I *think* I have got my working from home space setup nicely I thought I would share a few tips and alternatives if you are going stir crazy.

I'd like to think most of you have set up an actual desk by now rather than working on the sofa or in/on your bed, but this makes a massive difference for me in terms of work/life balance. I can physically walk away from my 'work space' however it is just set up on my dining table in my living room. There is a difficulty with lines becoming blurred when you work from home and I have definitely benefitted from being able to switch off and associate my little working space with work and the rest of my flat for leisure and relaxation. 

I have invested in a screen, riser, keyboard and mouse, along with an 'office' style chair so that I am comfortable whilst working and don't end up with a bad back or sore arms from not being sat properly. I realise not everyone will be able to do this and some of you may have been able to take equipment home but I have RINSED my Amazon Prime Account - if you want to check out some of my tech faves, click here.

If you are REALLY fed up then I have been made aware of new packages on offer at the K-West Hotel and Spa;

Enjoy a change of scenery and make K West Hotel your new workplace with two exclusive ‘Work from Home Alternative’ Packages available from 1 August until 30 December 2020.  

Work from Home Alternative - £79.00  
K West Hotel is offering guests a spacious Executive Room from 8am to 6pm, including a work desk, complimentary WIFI, free parking in the hotel’s car park and unlimited in-room tea and coffee. Priced at £79.00 per day. 

Work from Home Alternative Week Stay - From £550
This productive package includes accommodation in an Executive Room (Monday 8am till the end of your working day on Friday afternoon), English Breakfast delivered to your room each morning, two-course dinner via Room Service on two out of the four nights of your choice, unlimited tea and coffee, complimentary WIFI and free parking. Priced from £550.

I love the sound of this and I think it would be a fab way to be able to combine being able to have a bit of a staycation but also being able to work at the same time.

Would you like to work somewhere else for a period of time?

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  1. I've actually looked at this hotel before on, haha! It seems amazing! That's such a good idea to start renting out space for people to go and work from!!
    Chloe X


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