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I think it's probably fair to say that *most* of us have partaken in some home drinking since being home more and not having the morning commute (I know I have).

I have my usual tipple of choice, gin, but I have also been enjoying trying new wines so when I was offered the opportunity to try The Wine List, a wine subscription service that gives you the opportunity to try rare and unique wines from home I was excited to educate my palate some more!

The Wine Subscription costs £39 per month and contains;

Your first delivery includes:
- An introduction to wine tasting
- Your first two wines 
- Interactive tasting cards
- Your learning plan for the next 12 months

Every month as part of your subscription, you'll gain core principles about wine.

I am more of a red drinker by choice but it was so interesting to learn about how different flavours come through and can be deepened when accompanying certain foods.

I will definitely be giving more thought to what wines I buy in the future and how they pair with foods following the start to my wine education!

SweetieSal readers can get 30% off their first box using the code SWEETIE30 - click here to take a look at the subscription!

It would also make a fantastic gift!!

Happy Drinking 💃

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