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 Whilst I also write a blog, use social media and make recommendations to my friends, family and colleagues, I too am often 'influenced' by various creators and really appreciate the suggestions!

Influencers can get a bad name in that they will recommend anything if the cheque is big enough, but there are a lot of very genuine people out there who have similar likes and interests and I have found many fave products through their content and bringing items to my attention!

This post is dedicated to the items I have found through my fave influencers 💛


If you don't follow Lorna Luxe then where have you been? Originally from Manchester, a former Air Hostess and now living the travelling boujee dream with Mr Luxe, I love how down to earth and honest Lorna is. Lorna is the insta-dream with gorgeous content but also showing real life! There's a few things that I have seen Lorna suggest and I really trust her judgment. 

Her In The Style collection is gorgeous and I have picked up a few pieces from the various collections she has brought out. I love how the price points are really reasonable but there is clearly a lot of thought gone into the designs. Everything looks way more expensive than it actually is.

Two things stick out for me as items I have well and truly been influenced by Lorna and liked. The first being the Elizabeth Arden Great 8 Daily Defence Moisturiser. The second has been following her hair care journey and treating thinning hair with Philip Kingsley. Lorna has been really open about her hair journey, how she has experienced thinning and what products she has used to treat it. Lorna had a consultation with trichologist Annabel Kingsley and was prescribed some of the products that she used but she also used the thickening/volume range of shampoo and conditioner along with the elasticiser

The moisturiser has become a firm fave and is lovely and light for under makeup and also has SPF. It has a gel consistency and moisturises without being greasy!

I have fine hair but a lot of it. I felt like it was thinning out (probably not noticeable to anyone else) and since beginning to use the shampoo and conditioner my hair has felt amazing! I went for the coconut scent (obvs) and I don't need to wash my hair as often and I am really impressed. It is expensive, but I wouldn't hesitate to spend on skincare and makeup so I figured my hair should also be invested into!


Another influencer I really enjoy watching (on Instagram and YouTube) is Ruby Holley. Ruby has gorgeous style and has been renovating her home with fiancé Sam which she has documented on her social media. Ruby has not only influenced me in beauty buys but also items around the home! I wanted to replace my sockets and switches and didn't have the foggiest where I could buy something a little different to the white plastic ones. Ruby recommended Speedy Electrical and I now have my brass sockets and switches of dreams 😂

I also decided to try Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter on Ruby's recommendation along with her shell bracelet from Topshop..! What can I say, I am a sucker for beachy themed jewellery! 


Just thrown this brand in here as I have been really impressed with their sun care and false tan! I have to wear a high factor (as I burn otherwise and let's face it it's much better for your skin) and Bondi Sands do tanning oil that is a higher factor. It smells like pina colada which is always a plus point for me 😎

Their clear gradual tanning foam is also really lovely and doesn't transfer! #winning


If I can buy an aesthetic version of a boring item, you can bet your ass I am going to be all over it.. I recently had my bathroom redone and it is a girly haven of joy. 

I saw Lucy Carter talk about the Estrid razors and their subscription service. I usually hate buying razors - I feel like I forget and then they don't always have the ones that don't give me shaving rash in stock so I was intrigued to try something new that would also look lovely in my bathroom.

I picked up the baby pink and coral sets with a travel case and you can decide how frequently you want the replacement razors to be sent through to you in your subscription. You can skip deliveries and they are vegan! 

Now I know this probably seems quite a weird thing to rave about but these razors are SO GOOD and such a great price. I do not get shaving rash at ALL and that horrible itchy burning feeling which I would sometimes get even with razors marketed as for sensitive skin. I love this product. 


I first saw Hannah Martin's work through her role at Bobbi Brown and loved her no nonsense, straight talking makeup application techniques. Fast forward time and Hannah is now a freelance makeup artist and plays around with all the new in makeup collections. Hannah swatched and applied the Nars summer collections and Orgasm X Collection and I knew some of it needed to be mine! The orgasm collection is centred around their ever-popular pinky coral blush and has added lip balms and eyeshadow palettes all in easy to wear blush nude colours. They are absolutely gorgeous and can be as work from home casual to dramatic glam as you want!


Amelia has influenced a few things that I have purchased! Gorgeous beaded bracelets for the perfect wrist stack from Dana Levy and one of my fave tans - St Tropez Purity. Despite not having many places to go during the pandemic, I have really enjoyed getting dressed, putting on my favourite accessories and applying tan to feel nice. I know that possibly won't make sense to people but if you are at home all the time I think there is the temptation to get stuck in a bit of a rut. I enjoy feeling like I look presentable and feeling pampered so still doing these small things have made me feel better and not so much of the Groundhog Day feeling!

What have you taken a chance on that someone has recommended and loved??

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