Cheers! Cocktail Making with Moonpig
Cheers! Cocktail Making with Moonpig
Flower Arranging with Moonpig
Letterbox Gifts from Moonpig
Cocktail Making Supples
Flower Arranging with Moonpig
Gorgeous Blooms #HeartfeltwithMoonpig
Ribbons for Flower Arranging
SweetieSal Cocktail Making and Shaking
Gifts from Moonpig
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Ah Sunday. My flat is tidy, I've got a beef casserole in the oven, I've had a productive weekend and feel organised for the week ahead.

It is Mother's Day in 2 weeks and I wanted to tell you about a wonderful event I attended with Moonpig a couple of weeks back, to hear all about their Mother's Day offerings.

My family and friends will know I am a Moonpig fan - you can always tell when I have sent a card as it's usually personalised and I love not having to hunt out stamps and being able to send cards direct!

Moonpig have some really beautiful cards, flowers and gifts for Mother's Day, there's something for all tastes and I am quite sure you will find a fair few treats for your Mama!

Here's a few fun facts about Moonpig that may blow your mind somewhat!

  • 1 in 3 people in the UK have used Moonpig,
  • They have served over 100 million brilliant moments since their launch in 2000,
  • Over 17 million cards were purchased last year,
  • On average there are 300 orders a minute,
  • They have a range of over 10,000 cards with infinite ways to customise them.

At the event we undertook Cocktail Making, Card Creating, Pampering and Flower Arranging - it was fab to learn new skills with my sister and I am laughing to myself thinking of when my mum opens the card we made her as we had had quite a few cocktails by that point..... 😂

Big thanks to Moonpig for a fun and chilled evening and I urge you all to take a look at their Mother's Day range! You can get yourself organised and win favourite child award 😉

The top 3 images were taken by me and the remaining much higher quality images were taken by the very talented Elouisa Georgiou. You can visit her website here and instagram here.

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