Manchester Giants Basketball CourtManchester Giants Basketball Match
Manchester Giants Basketball Match

2019 taught me that I *really* like Basketball.

Granted, a certain Ovie Soko encouraged that, but I went to watch Team GB late last year and I LOVE watching the game live! It's so fast paced and exciting and I definitely want to watch a lot more!

I am so excited to support the Manchester Giants and go to see them play on 1st March. Naturally it's great to support the Country - Team GB but it's extra special to see the Manchester Team in action!

The Giants currently have a special offer to see the final 6 home games of the season and only pay for 4, a great value package and such a fun event for all the family! Their next match is Sunday 16th February against the Sheffield Sharks.

I'll report back once I have attended on the 1st March! There's plenty more matches in the next few months and I would highly recommend you get booked in to see them and show your support 😁

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