Mixed Blinis Made by SweetieSal at Food SorceryFood Sorcery Edible Flowers and Micro-HerbsFood Sorcery Turkey Gyoza StationFood Sorcery at the Waterside Hotel Didsbury
Mixed Blinis Made by SweetieSal at Food Sorcery
Food Sorcery Pigs in Blankets
Food Sorcery Herbs and Spices
Food Sorcery #Jet2HappyHolidays
Food Sorcery £100 of Truffle
Food Sorcery Ready to Make Turkey Gyoza
Turkey Gyoza and The BEST Sprouts EVER made by SweetieSal
Wreath Making with Living Flowers at The Waterside Hotel
Wreath Making with Living Flowers at The Waterside Hotel
Wreath Making with Living Flowers at The Waterside Hotel
My Wreath at Home

Sunday Night Blues and it's Wednesday. 

Back to Work is Looming.
Dry January.
Blue Monday.
The Gym.
Snow and the Country being incapable of coping with it.
Cold Weather.
Dark Nights.
NO BANK HOLIDAYS for the foreseeable...


It's probably right about now you are thinking you need to book a Holiday and I am WITH YOU.

I've saved writing about this lovely event I attended before Christmas, until I knew you would need it as much as I knew I would. So here goes!


Jet2 invited a bunch of bloggers to have a festive day cooking Christmas Canapes, drinking delightful drinks and wreath making! I absolutely love doing crafty/activity kind of events and this was such a treat to be able to do this right before Christmas.

There was no big sell other than to let us know that Jet2 have an amazing array of City Break deals and Christmas Markets options and to bear them in mind when thinking about our travels this year!


One of the components of the day was to perfect Christmas Canapes and we were taught how to make Blinis and Turkey Gyoza. All of our various dietary requirements were catered for and it was so interesting to make things I have most definitely never made from scratch before!

Food Sorcery is a purpose built cookery school and event space located in Didsbury. They do all different themes of classes and I definitely want to go back and try some more!

My Blinis were Insta-worthy with edible flowers and micro-herbs and it was amazing to learn about and taste some of the herbs that had hybrid flavours! Truffle sadly does not agree with me but I did not know what it looked like in real life and was blown away that the small ball was approx £100 worth!

I loved making the Turkey Gyoza as I have never tried oriental cooking and they were absolutely delicious. The absolute winner was how we cooked the sprouts! They were so nice and I made a version for Christmas Day they were that good 😁


I absolutely LOVED making my very own wreath and I think this is now something I would really love to do every year! My wreath is still up now and I intend to keep it there until it is reallllly looking sad! We used an Oasis Wheel and then had a variety of foliage and flowers to add in. My favourite flowers are hydrangeas so I loved that I could add some of those in to the mix as well!

I had such a wonderful day with Jet2 and Food Sorcery and it was lovely to see some of my Blogger Pals who I haven't seen for ages! Hoping to get out and about a bit more in 2020 and I will DEFINITELY be eyeing up the City Breaks as it's always a winner to get something to look forward to in the diary!

Thank you again to Jet2 and Food Sorcery for a truly festive build up to Christmas!

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