SweetieSal Wearing Halo Hair Extensions
SweetieSal Wearing Halo Hair Extensions

That Christmas Money burning a hole in your pocket???

Fancy a new hair look for 2020?

You need a Halo.

What on earth is a Halo?

One of the first proper Blogger events I attended (a fair few years ago) was with Halo (post here) and I genuinely think the product is SO great and unique that I was thrilled to get the opportunity to work with Halo Hair Extensions again.

I also created my very first IGTV post so check that out here if you want to see how I use my Halo.

The Halo is a thick weft of human hair attached to a clear band that sits on your head, under your hair. They look incredibly natural, are easy to apply and conceal and perfect for those of us who need to wash our hair regularly but still want those lovely thick tresses.

Matchy Matchy

Getting the perfect colour match couldn't be easier! Just send photos of your hair in daylight and someone from the team will help you select the perfect shade. I am absolutely blown away by how much of a close match mine is - for reference I sent the below pics to show how long my hair is and the colour. I need to get my Halo trimmed a bit so it blends more but I am so excited to style this more and get my wear out of it!

If you fancy getting your hands on a Halo then I have a 15% off code, just enter SALLY15 at checkout!

Keep posted on my instagram for more Halo looks :)

SweetieSal Hair Photo for Colour Match
SweetieSal Hair Photo for Colour Match

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