Bathroom of Dreams! Black and White Tiles and WoodSweetieSal's Current Bathroom

As you all may remember, I bought my first home (2 years ago in September!) and have slowly but surely been putting my stamp on the place. It’s been a really fun process and given me at times a possibly unhealthy pinterest obsession…!

One of the rooms to renovate that fills me with both excitement and dread is the bathroom. I have loads of ideas and I can't wait to update the space but there's something about the process of removal and ripping it all out and plumbing that quite intimidates me. As well as changing the bathroom, I need to try and do something about the water pressure too as it’s really not great!

My current bathroom is a wet room (second picture) and is incredibly impractical. The floor is MEGA slippy through poor tile choice (which was here when I bought the place) and none of it is to my tastes at all. I live in a one bedroom flat and when I have a shower I have to mop the bathroom to dry it all off and it's not very practical for when I have friends over! I definitely do not want a wet room style when I redesign my bathroom, that’s for sure!

As the job may involve moving some plumbing around (if it's possible!) I will be engaging the with a professional bathroom design company to help me plan out what I want. That way, they can tell me the art of the possible, make suggestions on how to make the best use of the space and ensure I don't buy items that I may not be able to use. The room is a square shape but has quite awkward windows so I will probably be limited in what configurations I will be able to have.

I want a proper shower with a tray and partition so that it's better contained than the current 'sprays water EVERYWHERE' setup. I also want a sink unit to have more storage, update ALL the tiles and ensure the decor is more 'in keeping' with the rest of the flat. The flat is in an old converted house and has lovely wooden floors leading up to the bathroom, I like the idea of a wooden sink unit to ensure the style flows through the flat and of course lots of plants and instagrammable features!

The thought of installation still gives me slight anxiety as I will have to move out for as long as it takes to remove the current bathroom but at least using a company who specialise in bathroom redesigns such as Harrogate Bathrooms will give me the peace of mind that everything will be up to spec and installed properly and I would have after installation support!

Have any of your home renovation jobs made you nervous?

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