View of The World of Wedgwood Entrance
Entrance Hall Floral Arrangement World of Wedgwood
Wedgwood Museum Logo Sign
Wedgwood Jasperware Blue Urn
Old World Wedgwood Carriage
World of Wedgwood Ceramic and Glaze Sample Drawers
World of Wedgwood Ceramic and Glaze Samples
World of Wedgwood Ceramic and Glaze Samples
Wedgwood Jasperware in Blue and Green
Wedgwood Jasperware Busts
Wedwood Blue Jasperware Scene
Wedgwood Bamboo Style Pottery
Wedgwood Queen's Ware Jelly Mould
Wedgwood Blue and White Pottery Collection
Wedgwood Huge Urn
Wedgwood Tea Set
Wedgwood Pottery Pieces
Wedgwood Pink Jasperware Cups and Saucers
Wedgwood Factory View
Wedgwood Pottery Making Sally O'Shea
Wedgwood Pottery Making
Wedgwood Pottery Making
Wedgwood Pottery Making
Wedgwood Pottery Making Sally O'Shea
Wedgwood Decorative Wall
Wedgwood Decorative Stacked Cases and Teacups
Wedgwood Afternoon Tea Place Setting
Wedgwood Afternoon Tea Sandwiches Rare Beef Asparagus Mozzarella Crab
Wedgwood Afternoon Tea Scones and Cream
Wedgwood Afternoon Tea Jelly and Cake
Wedgwood Plate Chinese Dragon
Wedgwood Entrance Hall Sally O'Shea

The World of Wedgwood

A couple of weeks back me and my sister headed to The World Of Wedgwood for a little road trip jaunt! Situated just under an hour away from Manchester, it is the perfect day trip when you don't want a journey that is too onerous.

We sampled everything there was to offer, Museum and Factory Tours, Pottery Making and Afternoon Tea and had the loveliest day!

My favourite part was the pottery making as you can probably tell from the photo of me and Jen looking pleased as punch at ourselves and our little creations...

The afternoon tea was absolutely delicious and despite not really liking tea I found a fruity one that I absolutely loved!

The Factory is a working factory so it was so interesting to watch the employees working with such precision and skill, we also could not get over how warm it was when near the kilns - I really did enjoy learning about how certain effects are achieved.

Thank you so much to The World of Wedgwood we had a fabulous day out!! ❤

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