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A lovely scent can invoke special memories and I love trying new ones.

My Nose is Happy

I was recently introduced to Scentaddict by The Fragrance Store which is a monthly subscription service where you get to try a months worth of fragrance for £12 a month. I love the concept as this means you don't end up with loads of bottles of perfume that you couldn't possibly get through before it gets past it's best!

My Purse is Happy 

It is also a fantastic way to try a more expensive fragrance without buying the full bottle and perhaps not using it as much as you would expect to. Perfume smells so different on people so it means you get to try it at all times of the day.

Gimme all the Orange

You can express an interest in the perfumes you would like to try and as I love a citrus based fragrance for Summer I basically checked allllllll the smells with those notes.

Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum

My first fragrance to come through is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum. I already knew I loved this, it is a more sexy musky version of the Eau Fraiche version and is perfect for sandy feet and beach hair at night.

I am not sure what is next but I am so looking forward to my second summer scent to try!

Click here to start your subscription today!

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