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I was never in the brownies or girl guides but I seem to have picked up on the ‘always be prepared’ front and frequently find myself carrying around lots of bits and bobs just in case! When I bought my own place I also assembled a home first aid kit too so that I wasn’t caught out needing something and not having it.

I’m often laughed at for my emergency kits I carry around but I always seem to have what people are looking for!

My super preparation stems from really hating feeling like I could solve a problem by having something to hand and easily sorting it rather than feeling uncomfortable or unwell until I am able to source what I need.

In my handbag I carry plasters, antacid tablets, painkillers, antihistamine tablets, safety pins, hair clips and bobbles, lip balm, handcream, hand sanitiser etc and I find that from day to day this can solve the majority of problems or discomforts!

At home, I think there is nothing worse than waking up feeling pants and not having in a quick remedy rather than having to go out. I keep my stocks up of general medicines, throat sprays and cold and flu medications so that when I need something I can just grab it from my first aid kit.

I find that this is even more needed in summer when the hayfever hits, I find products like Avamys spray can be useful as they are best taken in the morning before the pollen takes too much effect and you can attempt to go about your day as normal.

My handbag supplies do sometimes restrict the smaller of bags being possible for me to use but for me I have to take those things out with me otherwise sods law will mean I start to feel ill or get a blister or heartburn or something!

What are your home and handbag health essentials?

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