Anyone else find themselves just staring gormlessly out of the window or at their fellow passengers during the commute to and from work??

I am sure I am not alone.

I actually really quite enjoy my commute now, I've gone from being sat in the car getting road rage and an increase in blood pressure most mornings to a little walk then two trams. Now, I realise that I am probably quite lucky in that when I get on the tram in the morning, I am the first stop so I can always get a seat for the first leg of my journey which makes things a bit nicer.

I promised myself that in 2018 I would try and make use of my commute and here's what I have been doing so far...

Wake Up and Life Admin

I like that I can take time where I don't need to concentrate and properly wake up with a coffee and give some thought to my day. List making, Tesco ordering, personal email answering and a general chat with my family in the family whatsapp are all things I make time for in the morning.

Morning Playlist


I love listening to music in the morning, it takes me from cranky just woken up mood to feeling motivated and ready to start my day! Spotify has some amazing playlists for every mood and I am so glad I decided to get the premium subscription so I can save playlists, skip and listen ad-free.

Let's Get Social


Like many other commuters, I do like to have a browse of social media in the morning and catch up on Twitter and view insta-pics! I also use the time to post content myself!

Catch Up on YouTube


Sometimes I struggle to watch all the amazing content produced by my fave bloggers - my morning commute has been useful to sit back and catch up with their videos and I do this pretty regularly now!



This is a new one for me but I am really enjoying listening to podcasts at the moment, some thought provoking, some funny and some personal development style!

LinkedIn Learning

I've not managed to do this yet, but I plan to make use of my works partnership with LinkedIn Learning to do some personal development whilst on the move. As well as business courses there are also ones that will help me with my blog and photography so I am looking forward to tuning into those!


A few more things I plan to try when work will get a bit busier later on this year is doing guided meditation (I hear there are some good ones on YouTube) and also I want to start reading again! I almost never read anymore and I used to love it.

How do you spend your commute?

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