Buying a car is a minefield when you aren't sure what you are looking for other than the type of car and the colour. I was looking for a car late last year and hated feeling clueless about the process.

I turned to the internet to help me with things to look out for and I also used the wise experience of my dad! Now I would like to impart my knowledge on to you...

Set a Budget

I had an idea of how much I wanted to spend and when searching for a car only allowed myself to look at cars a little over that amount to make sure I was getting the best deal for my budget range. Plus there's always room for negotiation...!

Get Insurance Quotes

Don't be stung by expensive car insurance as older cars tend to hike up those prices! Do a insurance comparison before the funds change hands and be clear on what outlay you will have each month.

Check the Vehicle's History

There's websites out there that will help you do this and it is absolutely worth doing. We'd all like to think that people aren't untrustworthy but sadly they are. You need to know if the vehicle has been in any accidents or previously financed so you don't end up in a sticky situation further down the line.

The Car's Value

Make sure you aren't paying too much for your car. Get an idea of what else is on the market that is similar so that you know you aren't paying more than you need to!

Get a Good View and Test Drive

Try and view the car in daylight so that you can see any defects, bumps or scrapes. Take someone with you and also go for a test drive if possible! Always look under the bonnet too.

Ask to see Documents

See the V5 and other documents so you can see the vehicle's MOT and service history.

Check the Vital Stats

Tyres, locks, clocking and the odometer! You can tell alot by seemingly inoccuous things so be sure to see if they add up.

If everything checks out then go forth and buy your dream car! I am so happy with mine and there are lots of lovely used motors out there that are good buys.

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