With Christmas Party Season approaching, the hunt begins for the perfect outfit and I think we all know what a stress that can be! As someone with a bigger bust, I often write things off if I think sourcing underwear will be tricky, which can be a shame as I undoubtedly miss things which could look really nice!

Like building a house or doing your makeup, a great base or foundation is what will make the end product look much better. So this is where getting the correct lingerie and shapewear comes in! I've posted before about getting measured properly and the benefits of doing so, but if you are looking for a one stop shop for your lingerie needs then please do yourself a favour and check out UK Lingerie where you will find many brands, shapes and sizes.

Firstly, get your boobs where they should be sitting on your body and this comes with a good bra. Then you can smooth out any lumps and bumps with Spanx or other control wear pieces. I can see the widened eyes and raised eyebrows and thoughts of 'Bridget Jones' flicking through your mind.. but control pants don't need to be ugly if you are worried about it stopping you getting lucky! 😂

I absolutely hate the feeling of something bing too tight and that horrible breathless feeling you get if your control wear is sausageing you in. Yes that is a word I have just made up. What I love about Spanx is that they are tight but not uncomfortable, you can move around freely and they don't make you all hot and bothered. I can't promise that the process of getting in to them will be all that dignified but we can't have everything now can we!

The brands sold on UK Lingerie are premium and therefore at a higher price point but I do think they are a solid investment so definitely check them out.

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