Did you know, 56% of people find the symbols on their laundry labels confusing? Yes, I'm not shocked either...

I definitely fall into that camp when it comes to washing, so when I stumbled across the research by Data Label I actually printed out a guide to the labels and stuck it inside the door of my cleaning products cupboard so I avoid or at least reduce any clothes cleaning catastrophes.

To be honest, I am glad it isn't just me who gets confused about this. I usually avoid dry clean only items like the plague as who really has time for that.. I also rarely iron and actually have been known to do the scrunch test on any potential clothing additions to my wardrobe. The HEIGHT of cool over here, obvs.

I think the washing disaster that sticks out in my mind was when my mum shrunk my dad's expensive woollen cricket jumpers when we were kids. We were sat having dinner and my mum comes out with 'I can't sit here and not admit what I have done', cue some very intrigued children and one very confused dad.. Mum brings out these jumpers and they had shrunk from let's say a man's size XXL to a small child size. We fell about laughing and of course they could be replaced but it remains a constant fear that I could do the same so easily to something I loved!!

Have you ever made any washing faux pas??

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