Last weekend I had an appointment at Barn//It Manchester to sort out my brows which whilst they probably look fine in the before pic, were slightly unruly and a shade of mouse that did not go very well with my darker hair!

I've never had HD Brows before so I was excited to give it a try and report back..

Barn//it is a new Salon in Manchester that has taken up residence in Church House on John Dalton Street. Beautifully decorated and with it's very own cocktail bar(!) this salon is really lovely and perfect for a pampering afternoon with friends.

I was settled in Lucy's Treatment Room which was SO comfortable and talked through all parts of my brow overhaul. It was wayyyy more precise than any other brow treatment I have had before with there being measurements, a number of hair removal methods and an education into what I needed to leave to regrow in order to achieve my dream brows.

I'm now under strict orders not to touch them for a good four weeks and then we can see if I have achieved any growth in the areas I need, which are the top inner parts (no mono-brows here!) and on the arch on my right brow! (I told you it was precise)

I really enjoyed the treatment and I am genuinely quite excited to see if I can get my instagram style, 'brows on fleek' worthy brows if I leave them in the very capable hands of Lucy!

Definitely pop in, big thumbs up from me!!!

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