When you get asked to come and be pampered to try out an amazing new blondening service from TIGI at Andrew Collinge Salon, you just cannot pass up that opportunity.

Last weekend I headed out into the POURING rain and settled in for a chat with Linda about what I wanted to achieve with my hair. I was happy with the balayage I had, it just needed freshening up and taking a bit more ashy.

This was my brief.

Linda scattered two ash blonde highlight colours across a full head, also adding some baby lights around the face. Then the hair was toned, my ULTIMATE fave smelling TIGI hair mask in oatmeal and honey applied and I left with beautiful hair!

In my haste to get home for a party I had to go to that night, I failed to take any pictures which is SO unlike me.. :( #badblogger

And now I have no pics to show you the finished colour, I am makeup free today so I will update this post this week with a picture that shows the colour to it's best as I absolutely love it. Linda did such a fab customised job and I love how fresh the colour feels and looks.

If you are wanting to dabble with blonde but scared about bleach being used then I would HIGHLY recommend this colouring treatment at Andrew Collinge.

Thumbs up from me!

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