I genuinely never thought brows would be SUCH a big thing in feeling fly and on fleek... LOLZ.

Cue brow action from Cara, Kimmy K and many others and you can be forgiven for feeling like your brows are sub-par. This is where Benefit have produced the mother of all brow collections that literally cater for ALL your brow woes.

Pictured above are just a few of the new releases and after having sampled them all I can officially say I am hooked.

As you might recall, I headed over to Leeds a few weeks back to have a look at all the new products and then this amazing box of goodies arrived on my doorstep so a HUGE thank you to those gorgeous gals at Benefit, you made my WEEK when that arrived!

My personal fave is Gimme Brow in Shade 1. They have expanded the colour varieties on all of the products so that us more ashy haired gals are taken care of, along with red heads, blondes and brunettes alike. Gimme Brow gives me the subtle colour pay off I like, along with bulking up what I have naturally.

I would urge you to go to your local Benefit counter and try out these products are they genuinely are some of the most amazing creations and I am positive you will find something to suit your brow needs.

Huge thumbs up from me!

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